• Double/twin Room

    Spacious double or twin rooms with private bathroom, TV and kitchenette. Breakfast and dinner (June-August) on offer if ordered in advance.

  • Large Double Room

    Spacious double room with private bathroom, TV and kitchenette. Can accommodate 3 persons. Breakfast and dinner (June-August) on offer if ordered in advance.

  • Single Room

    Double room as single room. Breakfast and dinner (June-August) on offer if ordered in advance.

  • Sleeping bag accommodation

    We offer sleeping bag accommodation in dorms, with shared WC facilities at a good rate. Breakfast and dinner (June-August) on offer if ordered in advance.

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The lambing season will soon start at the farm

17 Apr

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Sheep are seasonal breeders and the lambing season is about to start. It usually starts end of April and carries on until late May. At Helga’s farm they have around 500 sheep and given that each as around 2 lambs on average, the flock will count 1,500 animals in June!

Check the outlook for Northern Lights!

2 Jan

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The Icelandic Met Office provides weather forcasts for the whole of Iceland – an important piece of information when travelling in Iceland in the winter. But the Met Office also provides forcast for Northern Lights, i.e. if they can be seen in the sky.
Check out the Met Office website in English:


Happy New Year

5 Jan

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Fljotsdalsgrund Guesthouse wishes you a happy new year and would especially like to thank those who stayed with us in 2013 for their visit. Very welcome in 2014! Stay tuned for our 2014 pricelist. In the meanwhile a photo of Helga, one of the hosts, giving hay to her sheep.

Wildboys hiking tours

6 Jul

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Wildboys.is operate all kinds of hiking tours all year.  A midnight tour on Mt. Snæfell, The amazing Dyrfjöll and our Canyon adventure tour  in Hafrahvammar canyon are simply unforgettable.  Wildboys also have tours to the famous Askja caldera and the remote Kverkfjöll from regular day tours to a 3 day tour.  The companies main policy is to ensure our customer safety.

Book a tour with Wildboys and they will pick you up and drop you off at the guesthouse!

Check out more at their website: http://www.wildboys.is



20% discount if booked for three nights!

1 Jul

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If you book three nights in a row we offer 20% discount. And you will have plenty to do. Explore the East, enjoying wonderful nature or simply having a break in tranquillity.

Check out our info site on recreation and activities in the area.

Helga's Food

1 Jul

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Helga, one of the hosts at Fljotsdalsgrund Guesthouse, is also a farmer and a housewife. She has cooked for her family since she and her husband founded their home in the 1970s, at the nearby farm Valþjófsstaður.
The food served at the Guesthouse is based on the countryside cuisine and dishes Helga has served at her family table for years. For breakfast maybe you will get some delicious home made jam; or for dinner, a hearty soup or bacalao waffles.

Dinner can be ordered in advance in the period June-August. Outside that period you can send us a line to check if Helga is around to cook for you!

We are located near Végarður, in Fljótsdalur, inland from Egilsstaðir, on road 933, only 30 km from the ring road. We are connected by paved road. Our GPS coordinates are 65° 1,569′N, 14° 58,302 ‘W.

Come and stay at our well equipped campsite with facilities for caravans. Common bbq-platform and more.

The surrounding areas have plenty to offer. Take a hike to the waterfalls or bath in a geothermal natural pool. Visit Borgarfjordur Eystri to see the puffins or look for reindeers in Vatnajokull National Park...

Our guesthouse is a proud member of Icelandic Farm Holidays. Your hosts are real farmers and their families.

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